industrial facilities/Solar installations


the gas Company - Natural Gas Infrastructure at Generating Stations, southern california

For Sempra Energy (The Gas Company) PECK performed structural calculations and design for new equipment required to transition diesel generation stations to natural gas, including El Segundo, Long Beach, and Palm Desert. PECK was hired as the engineering consultant to design foundations and supports for equipment required to clean and deliver the incoming gas at these major power generating stations. We also performed limited drainage hydrology design associated with the installations.

the gas company - vehicle crash protection systems, southern california

Sempra also hired PECK to research vehicle crash barrier systems to protect various natural gas transmission equipment from automobile impact. We researched and ranked crash protection systems to demonstrate which were most effective and for which types of vehicles. We researched U.S. military installations, CALTRANS systems, among others. Based on a Gas Company risk matrix algorithm, PECK investigated a list of sites that the Gas Company had prioritized, and recommended a range of solutions for the Gas Company to evaluate based on the expected vehicle speeds and roadway geometry.

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SCE - Solar and fuel canopies at SCE Service Centers, menifee, ca

As part of the Menifee Service Center site expansion, the program included the construction of enhanced fueling and truck storage canopies with solar generating capacity. We also provided design guidance, site planning and engineering for the solar generating shade canopies at the Edison CTAC center in Irwindale. Visit project page.

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Polaris - engineering supports and anchorage for industrial equipment, centrifuges and solvent recovery systems, ca

Biotechnology equipment supplier Comi-Polaris hired PECK to provide engineering support for projects in Foster City and La Verne. In La Verne, Gilead purchased industrial equipment from Comi-Polaris, and required them to provide engineering for the installation in order to meet California seismic standards. Since the product is manufactured in Italy and was installed in an earthquake zone, PECK completed seismic basis of design, and negotiated the requirements for quality control. PECK has completed one solvent recovery system and is about to complete a second, larger system at the same site. PECK also performed engineering for a centrifuge installation in Foster City, CA. As the centrifuge was to be installed in an existing building, we calculated the support requirements and identified the design methodology required for evaluating the capacity of the existing floors for the static and dynamic loading to be imparted by the dynamic industrial equipment.


KELLY SLATER WAVE COMPANY - structural engineering for SURF RANCH, Lenmoore, ca

PECK worked closely with the Kelly Slater Wave Company to develop several key components of this unique and groundbreaking engineering installation. We designed the main control house structure, the access stairs, equipment barn, the main winch house and secondary winch house foundations, as well as the winch anchorage systems for the components that drive the wave generation Bogie. Forces on the Winch cable are in excess of 135,000 lb. The equipment weight is approximately 70,000 lb. Visit project page.

MTA - fueling facilities to deliver natural gas to fleet vehicles including passenger cars, light trucks, and buses, southern california

PECK was hired to design equipment, gas piping supports and electrical equipment supports at various gas fueling facilities. The vehicles served by the facilities include natural gas powered MTA buses and passenger vehicles, as well as CNG vehicles owned by the general public.