Reni Grigorova


Reni joined PECK in 2015 as an architect bringing 10 years of professional experience for residential, commercial, educational and sporting developments, as well as industrial and manufacturing projects. At PECK she leads the production work on some of our most challenging residential hillside development homes and commercial projects. She has worked most recently on residential projects including Bellagio, Wallace Ridge, Mockingbird and Blue Jay Way.

Reni is licensed Architect in Europe and is certified as a Project Manager Professional (PMP), from the Project Management Institute in the US. She received a Master of Architecture from Sofia’s University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy.

In 2010 she established her own Architecture studio, Ardist in Bulgaria, Europe and she has previously worked with JP Molyneux in New York City.

Reni comes from a family with strong traditions in design and construction, and is continuously seeking new challenges in the areas of design, sustainability and the built environment.